WINGS Fellow and Director of Lion Guardians Leela Hazzah has been nominated as 2014 CNN Hero

WINGS World Quest is very proud to announce that Fellow and Director of Lion Guardians Leela Hazzah has been nominated as 2014 CNN Hero.  Nominated for her outstanding work in lion conservation, Leela Hazzah has been profiled on and other major global networks.  By creating a scientifically backed and locally appropriate community approach to lion conservation, Lion Guardians has been able to educate and employ “guardians” to protect the lion population throughout East Africa.  The guardians educate others in the reduction of lion hunts and the importance of a healthy lion population.  Leela Hazzah’s amazing work in wildlife conservation is having positive ripple effects, promoting tourism, and benefiting entire communities. 

The CNN Heroes project highlights the creative efforts by extraordinary people that help others and combat global issues.  This Fall, the Top 10 nominations will be announced, followed by a vote by viewers.  Best of luck to Leela Hazzah in the next few months, and check back here for more information on how to make sure she is chosen to be the next 2014 CNN Hero.    Click Here for her full CNN article

Watch Leela Hazzah’s profile in the video below.

Leela Hazzah and her group, Lion Guardians, are transforming lion killers into lion protectors in East Africa.

I’m thrilled and honored to be recognized with so many other amazing and inspiring individuals around the world. This nomination recognizes the entire Lion Guardians community, whose courage, dedication and support is conserving lions and preserving cultures every day. We should all feel proud and honored.
— Dr Leela Hazzah, 2014 CNN Hero
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