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How We Work


We advance and amplify the work of our WINGS women by publishing their original findings and providing a platform to share their work.


We connect our growing community of 200+ Explorers through our digital network and event programming. We encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and have watched partnerships grow between women who would not have otherwise crossed paths.


WINGS Explorers are modern-day role models, engaging young people in the sciences and motivating them to be curious, thoughtful and committed to creating a better world.

Our Mission, Vision,
and Values

We fund, elevate, and build community around visionary women pushing the boundaries of science, exploration and conservation.

Our History

In 2003, Milbry Polk and Leila Hadley Luce founded WINGS Women of Discovery (then WINGS WorldQuest).
Fittingly, it was a pioneering mission.

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Our Explorers

Women-Led Expeditions. Women-Led Team.

Claire Werner, Chair
Elisabeth Dewailly, Chair
Meredith Ayan, Chief Executive Officer