Remembering Legendary Fellow Eugenie Clark “Shark Lady”

Our WINGS community has lost one of our most inspirational members.  Eugenie Clark, has passed on at the age of 92, our thoughts go out to all of her friends and family.  In 2006 Eugenie Clark was a recipient of the Women of Discovery Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding work in marine conservation and the study of shark behavior.  She was a globally renowned oceanographer who spent her life learning and teaching others around the world about marine life.  She was an inspiration, and not only because she was willing to dive with the world’s most dangerous animals, but for speaking out against the inaccurate representation of sharks in the media.

Dr. Clark published numerous scientific studies on sharks, even proving that they could be trained. By doing so, she showed the world the vulnerability of these animals that not many scientists had ever showed before.  She also showed particular bravery breaking into an industry where in the 1940s was mostly dominated by male scientists.  She also never lost her passion for diving, making her last dive on her 92nd birthday.

May her memory continue on through her incredible discoveries.

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