Fellow Sveva Gallmann has been featured in Town & Country Magazine

WINGS Fellow Sveva Gallman and her mother Kuki have been fighting for the preservation of Africa for decades.  At the age of 34, Sveva Gallman has been negotiating between warring tribes and fighting for animal rights in Africa for years, earning her the 2006 Women of Discovery Field Research Award.  After graduating Oxford, she went on to work with her mother on their various projects such as a nature conservancy and wildlife sanctuary.  Their refuge is home to more than 450 elephants and 4,000 buffalo.  They work on preserving migration patterns and created the first private anti-poaching squad in Kenya.  They work on educating the 9 tribes in the neighboring area about environmental sustainability.  Sveva has also created the Four generations Project which records significant rituals, songs, and oral traditions of the neighboring tribes – working alongside children interviewing elders.  

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