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Your Dream, Your Journey…

Real life, personal stories model courage, perseverance, struggle and accomplishment and help young people explore their own potential.  They demonstrate that each individual can take a unique, personal journey to reach their goals and aspirations.  

Discover! Your Dream, Your Journey is a collection of web-based multi-media profiles, featuring the WINGS Women of Discovery as positive, dynamic role models.  The program utilizes web technology to scaffold a collection of primary source content that advances science literacy and supports active learning across the curriculum; including the sciences, social studies, language arts, character education, and career exploration.

Each Discover! module includes one-on-one interviews, reports from the field, photo galleries and a compilation of background information on the field of study and geographic region, terms, topics and tools related to the research or expedition, first person texts, journal entries and fun facts, all aimed at revealing the excitement of science, igniting the spirit of exploration and introducing new and unimaginable career paths.


Discover!  Julianna Brush



Discover! Bridget Sattler


 Discover! Rosita Arvigo


WINGS thanks the following foundations for their support, and for making the DISCOVER! program possible:

  • J. M. Kaplan Fund, Inc.
  • Marjorie Merriwether Post Foundation
  • Spiritus Gladius Foundation
  • The Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation