Juliana Machado Ferreira

Dr. Juliana Machado Ferreira founded and serves as Executive Director of FREELAND Brasil, whose mission is to conserve biodiversity

Hope Jahren

Hope Jahren is the “New York Times Best Seller” author of Lab Girl, a memoir about a woman in

Beate G. Liepert

Dr. Beate G. Liepert discovered during her graduate work at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich that declines in solar

Kristen Marhaver

Dr. Kristen Marhaver, a marine biologist, completed her NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship studying the ecology, reproduction, and juvenile behavior of

Sheila Ochugboju

Dr. Sheila Ochugboju is committed to developing impactful African science, technology and innovation projects.  She is currently the Executive

Marla Spivak

Dr. Marla Spivak is a leading entomologist in the movement to protect and enhance the health and diversity of