Born: 1959

Hometown: Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Education: Ph.D. in Archaeology

Occupation: Archaeologist, anthropologist

Expeditions: Spain, South Africa, Tanzania

Favorite Place: Outdoors on the green slopes of the Asturias mountains

Best Discoveries: The Sopeña, a cave where first Neanderthals and later early modern humans lived for thousands of years. Also, I proved that supposedly vegetarian cave bears were in fact active cannibalistic scavengers!

Favorite Items in the Field: My dog and good waterproof boots

Personal Hero: Captain Ahab in Moby Dick Hobbies: Bagpipe playing and reading books

Advice: Ignore what others say about what you can’t do and follow your heart. The true success of a person is measured by how close she gets to fulfilling her childhood aspirations.

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