Since 1992, President and CEO Liz Taylor and her team have grown DOER Marine (Deep Ocean Exploration and Research Marine) from a consulting and field services firm to a full-service engineering solutions company that is an industry leader in designing and building subsea robotic and manned systems for a variety of applications, ranging from deep ocean exploration to critical infrastructure inspection.

Through DOER, Ms. Taylor has been involved in numerous projects relating to coastal restoration, water/wastewater management, levees, and public access to the water. She has more than 25 years of experience in environmental sustainability with a focus on protection of biodiverse systems on the land and in the sea, particularly in the urban/agricultural/wildlands interface zones.

Ms. Taylor collaborates across multiple industries with clients that include marine contracting firms, aquaculture companies, government, environmental response, search and rescue, offshore wind farm services, and film production companies. DOER currently is focused on Project Deepsearch, an innovative endeavor to build a human-occupied submersible capable of full ocean depth, providing unlimited ocean access to science.

An advisor to Cal Maritime, the Wild Oyster Project and the Deep Water Horizon Study Group, Ms. Taylor advocates for public access to the water and broadening water competency. A 2023 inductee into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, she has participated in more than 60 scientific diving and ocean exploration projects. Author of numerous articles and white papers, she also co-hosts “Dive In with Liz and Sylvia [Earle]” produced by the Ocean Elders, an independent group of global leaders joined together to serve as a catalyst in conservation and protection of the ocean, all wildlife, and biodiversity.

Born: 1960

Hometown: Dunedin, FL

Education: UC Berkeley

Occupation: Sub-sea concierge and entrepreneuer; president of DOER Marine

Expeditions: 50+ expeditions to Alaska, Mexico, Central/South America, and South Pacific

Favorite Place: Anywhere in nature

Best Discoveries: Bipes biporus at a coastal desert camp site and Ostracods in my birdbath

Favorite Items In The Field: Assisted opening knife and hand lens

Personal Hero: Wisdom the Albatross

Hobbies: Archery, horseback riding, regenerative gardening


Advice: Adapt and overcome with persistence, tenacity, and grit.