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Featured is 2022 Fellow Rae Wynn-Grant, who is a large carnivore ecologist. She studies black bears, mountain lions and other wildlife in California at a protected biodiversity, home to 50 endangered and rare animal species!

Photo credit: National Geographic


Support our Fellows Program, which recognizes extraordinary women making discoveries and finding solutions to global problems through bold research, conservation and exploration! Since 2003, WINGS has awarded grants to almost 100 Fellows across almost 80 countries.

The WINGS Fellows program has become a powerful network for women working in the field sciences to actively engage in interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. Each newly inducted Fellow is recognized at the Women of Discovery Gala and receives a $10,000 grant to support her work.

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The WINGS WorldQuest Flag is recognized as a symbol of excellence in discovery and knowledge and certifies the significance of its carrier’s endeavor. Flag Carriers are women leading original field research. Almost 100 scientists and explorers have flown the WINGS flags in more than 70 countries.

As part of their expeditions or research, accepted Flag Carriers write reports, produce films, and formally share information about their findings with the scientific community and the public using traditional and social media. A final Flag Report is published on the WINGS website.

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Featured is Flag Carrier Felicity Aston, a polar explorer and climate scientist who has led teams of women on record-making ski expeditions to both poles. She recently carried the WINGS flag to Svalbard to collect vital Arctic sea ice data for climate change research.

Photo credit: Felicity Aston.

Featured are Flag Carrier Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm, who embarked in September 2019 on a 9-month overwintering expedition in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway. When the Hearts in the Ice team had to prolong their stay an extra winter due to COVID, the WINGS Emergency Fund supported critical communication equipment needs.

Photo credit: Hearts in the Ice


The WINGS Emergency Fund, established to ensure the safety of WINGS Fellows and Flag Carriers who unexpectedly find themselves in danger in the field, is a critical backstop for women taking bold risks to find solutions to global crises. 

The WINGS Emergency Fund also has been used to support communication needs, crucial data transfers and other emergency needs.

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Give Monthly and Have the Greatest Impact


Give Monthly and Have the Greatest Impact


Give Monthly and Have the Greatest Impact 〰️


By giving $30.41 every month, you support WINGS women 365 days a year!

WINGS is unique: It is the only organization that provides unrestricted funding to women in science and exploration. We help remove barriers large and small, creating sustainable paths to leadership for women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Your support matters: Less than 2 percent of all U.S. charitable giving goes to organizations that serve women and girls.

Give monthly and shine a steady light on the under-recognized accomplishments of women.

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Featured is 2022 Fellow, Jill Heinerth, who is an underwater cave explorer. The first person to dive into iceberg caves, Jill was also a lead diver on the ground-breaking US Deep Caving Team’s project, piloting the first 3D underwater cave mapping device – technology bound for space.

Photo credit: Jill Heinerth

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