“Keeping The Right Plants in the Right Place!” Join Seed Huntress – Sefra Alexandra – on a global expedition of how our world’s seed biodiversity is safeguarded. From the Global Seed Vault in Norway to the living seed banks – the soils- in your own backyard. Learn how to become a seed steward of your own local native species, the heirlooms of the pollinators to ecologically restore habitats across your local landscapes! Native plants are critical to providing food and habitat for our pollinators, but where are we getting our plants from? Understanding an ecoregional framework for ecological restoration is crucial to sourcing “the right plants for the right place.” Join Sefra Alexandra lead of the Ecotype Project & BOATanical Expeditions, as she explains the process of sustainably sourcing wild pollinator seeds and making them locally available to you! Bio: Sefra Alexandra leads the- The Ecotype Project- reweaving the native seed supply chain in the Northeast throughout ecoregion 59. Sefra is the head BOATanist at BOATanical Expedition- where she and fellow citizen scientists”paddle for the pollinators!” and is on the steering committee for the newly launched Northeast Seed Network. Sefra Alexandra, “The Seed Huntress,” is a WINGS WorldQuest Flag Carrier, member of the Explorers Club & holds her M.A.T. in Agroecology from Cornell University.