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Advancing Women Explorers in the Field

Unrestricted grants to WINGS Fellows support their quests to find solutions to global problems through bold research and exploration projects.






connecting women explorers

WINGS WorldQuest serves a growing community of more than 150 Women of Discovery, Fellows and Flag Carriers by providing a platform through which they can network, share achievements and garner support for their work.

International Fellows Forum: A 2-day gathering for WINGS Fellows in New York City to discuss their research, share findings and propose solutions to environmental and social issues with key stakeholders, foundation leaders and policy makers.

A Global Network: WINGS international community of Fellows are brought together year round through WINGS’s electronic network. They connect to share stories, seek out advice, and stimulate each other’s work through an ongoing ideas exchange. 


Educational outreach

WINGS sponsors seminars, workshops and webinars with WINGS Fellows, Flag Carriers and other women explorers so they can share behind the scenes aspects of their expeditions, findings, and inspirations.  

WINGS makes the stories and accomplishments of the Women of Discovery widely accessible, offering modern day role models to engage young people in science and motivate them to explore their dreams. We aim to foster awareness of the contributions of women explorers, promote interest in the sciences, introduce exciting career opportunities and inspire people to be curious, thoughtful and engaged in our world.

WINGS WorldQuest also coordinates a limited number of requests for Fellow visits from schools and community organizations, based on availability.  For all visit requests and media inquiries, please contact Managing Director Yael Jekogian