WINGS NEWS: Flag Carrier Emily Zuber

Zuber began caving about eight years ago in the alpine wilderness areas of northwestern Montana. A native to Seattle, Washington, she was introduced to caving by her father and brother, Ron and Adam Zuber. Expeditionary caving for her is a family tradition, an extreme sport, a passion and an obsession. Zuber has a particular enthusiasm for the karst areas of Mexico (Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Oaxaca) but has also been caving in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Canada, and most recently in China. She is an aspiring writer and currently lives in the Netherlands while working on a book about youth and exploration. Lately her interests have grown to include long-distance subsistence cycling, and she spent the summer of 2012 cycling 3000 miles through the Rocky Mountains.  

Read the full story about WINGS Flag Carrier Emily Zuber by Jayme Moye.  From the website on the United States Deep Caving team


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