WINGS Flag Carrier Susan Eaton and Her Sedna Team Depart for an Intensive Arctic Research Expedition with the WWQ Flag

WINGS Flag Carrier Susan Eaton and her Sedna Team departed from Nain, Labrador, Canada on July 14th 2014 with the WINGS Flag on an intensive arctic expedition.  This multi-faceted expedition is aimed at combining ocean change research with educational outreach in Northern Inuit communities.  WINGS Flag Carrier and Geoscientist Susan Eaton will lead the expedition which is comprised of a team of 10 women scientists, dive professionals, and underwater moviemakers.  This extraordinary journey is centered around educating the women and girls of northern communities in ocean change and sustainable fishing practices.  The team will face extreme physical challenges while conducting wildlife research associated with snorkeling with the aid of dry suits and diver propulsion vehicles in arctic water.  The Sedna Epic Expedition will raise awareness about ocean change and sea ice melt in the Arctic, and have an astounding local and global impact.

We hope to be role models, inspiring women and girls around the world to follow their dreams, no matter how out-of-the-box they may be.
— Susan Eaton, Founder and Leader of the 2014-2016 SednaEpic

It takes a global community to send Team Sedna to the Arctic.  To support their efforts to document ocean change in the Arctic and to deliver ocean outreach programs to youth click on the card to the right.

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