Fellow and Board Member Maya Tolstoy’s GROUNDBREAKING Research Featured in The New York Times

‘Suddenly, a technological door has opened on studying the ocean from within,’ he said in an interview. The new perspective, he added, ‘is the only way we’re ever going to understand its true complexity — the hundreds of processes.’
— Maya Tolstoy as quoted in the NYT

A triangular array that was to be deployed to measure the temperature of a venting hot spring below the surface.CreditUniversity of Washington/National Science Foundation-Ocean Observatories Initiative/Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility

WINGS Board Member and Fellow, Dr. Maya Tolstoy’s research has been featured in an article of the Science section of The New York Times.  

The article by William Broad discusses mid-ocean ridges that are “long enough to circle the moon more than six times” and haven’t been thoroughly researched because of their extreme depths.

Dr. Maya Tolstoy is part of many scientists who are analyzing data from these active underwater volcanoes through sensors and cameras that send readings to shore.  Experts will now be analyzing the activity like never before, to better understand the way these unique volcanoes change over time and their effect on the planet’s temperature.

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