Fellow and Paleontologist Bolortsetseg Minjin Returns Stolen Dinosaur to Rightful home in Mongolia

“A 70 million-year-old Alioramus dinosaur skull is going back home to Mongolia where it belongs.”




WINGS Fellow Bolortsetseg “Bolor” Minjin has confirmed that fossils attempting to be unlawfully imported into the U.S through the Port of Newark are actually stolen from Mongolia.  The 70 million year old Alioramus dinosaur skull is one of the most complete of its kind and will now be placed in the Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs.   

Bolor works to educate Mongolians as well as people all over the world about the rich dinosaur heritage of Mongolia.  Her most recent work consists of combatting the widespread problem of fossil poaching by working with with government agencies, legal experts, NGOs and private organizations.  Bolor is creating all of the partnerships necessary to educate anyone and everyone who can stop poaching and trafficking of Mongolian dinosaur fossils. 

Bolortsetseg received a 2009 Earth Award from the Wings WorldQuest and is a 2010 Emerging Explorer of National Geographic. In 2013, she was awarded a Polar Star by the Mongolian Government for her efforts to protect the fossil heritage of Mongolia. 

Please click on the photo above for the full article in the New York Daily News.

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