Team Sedna Carries WINGS WorldQuest Flag on Epic Expedition

Members of Team Sedna are currently exploring the arctic waters in Frobisher Bay, Canada. Photo by Amanda Cotton.

Members of Team Sedna are currently exploring the arctic waters in Frobisher Bay, Canada. Photo by Amanda Cotton.

WINGS is honored to have Team Sedna submerge WINGS Flag #14 in arctic Frobisher Bay on the second leg of this 4-year conservation and exploration program. From July 25 through August 4, the 12-woman team is snorkeling along Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. They launched this progressive, 4-year project in 2014 with the Proof-of-Concept expedition hailing another WINGS Flag.

The purpose and goals of this leg of the Sedna Epic Expedition are:

  • To study the impacts of global warming in the Arctic, specifically involving melting glaciers, disappearing sea ice, warming waters and ocean acidification
  • To deliver ocean educational outreach to Inuit communities

  • To empower and educate girls and young women in these matrilineal communities to be future scientists, documentarians and leaders to mitigate global warming and address climate change in the Arctic

The final and ultimate piece of the expedition is scheduled for the summers of 2018 and 2019, when the all-woman team will take part in a 3,000 kilometer snorkel relay along the Northwest Passage, a feat that has never before been done.

Team Sedna is led by its Founder Susan R. Eaton, a geologist, geophysicist, explorer, journalist and conservationist, and by Assistant Team Leader Renata Rojas, a master diver and banker.

Starting with our first WINGS Worldquest ocean change expedition to northern Labrador and western Greenland in July 2014, Team Sedna has focused on conducting original research and scientific investigations, and delivering educational outreach and exploration in the Arctic. During the coming years, the Sedna Epic Expedition will continue to create a space for girls and young women to excel in the Arts, the Sciences and Exploration, in order to better understand our planet and the ocean.
— Susan R. Eaton, leader of Team Sedna

Learn more about the Sedna Epic Expedition by visiting the team’s website or by watching the video below:

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