Honoring WINGS Fellows in Support of Women’s Equality Day

Photo from the National Library of Congress via Wikimedia.

Photo from the National Library of Congress via Wikimedia.

In 1878, the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, was first introduced in Congress. It wasn’t until 41 years later that the amendment passed, marking a pivotal moment in the modern women’s rights movement.

Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day in 1971, commemorating the 1920 anniversary of the certification of the amendment.

The day highlights the need for the continued support of women and the assurance that rights and privileges are afforded to all citizens, regardless of sex.

At WINGS, we support the continued fight for women’s quality. To celebrate the day, here are five pieces of advice from WINGS WorldQuest Fellows about finding success:

Ignore what others say about what you can’t do and follow your heart. The true success of a person is measured by how close she gets to fulfilling her childhood aspirations.
– Ana Cristina Pinto

Follow your heart and take as much math as you can.
– Eugenie Clark

Everyone is afraid at times. Learn to use your fear – it can fuel you to do more than you ever imagined possible.
– Jayne Poynter

Follow your convictions; seek out ways to advance in your field and show leadership because you are needed.
– Susan D. Shaw

Keep getting out of the tent.
– Felicity Aston

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