Antarctica as a Backdrop for Women in Science

The inaugural voyage of the Homeward Bound initiative, comprising 76 women with critical science backgrounds, returned safely from a 21-day trip to Antarctica.

The goal of Homeward Bound is to elevate the voices of women in science and to encourage them to play a large role in influencing scientific policy. The organizers hope to reach 1,000 women over 10 years.

One of the goals of Homeward Bound is to discuss sustainability and global issues related to climate change, making Antarctica a fitting backdrop because of its importance in the study of global warming. 

“Women are earning a significant percentage of college degrees and contribute to a significant percentage of our workforce,” Joanna Young, a PhD candidate at the University of Alaska Fairbanks writes in the Homeward Bound flag report. “However, they are in the minority globally when it comes to executive decision-making roles. By developing the leadership and strategic skills of these women, and a strong, purposefully developed network, they will be able to impact policy and decisions towards a sustainable future.”

A documentary film about Homeward Bound is being produced, and it has been selected as part of the Global Pitch initiative.

The next Homeward Bound voyage will set sail at the end of this year. For more information about the project, visit

Read the full Homeward Bound flag report here.

Photo by Songqiao Yao.

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