WINGS Flag Carrier Felicity Aston spoke at the Explorers Club about her latest Expedition

Felicity Aston_Ted Janulis.jpeg

Ted Janulis hosted WINGS Flag carrier Felicity Aston at the Explorers Club on April 1, 2013. She gave a wonderful presentation about her solo trek across Antarctica. Felicity was the first person to cross the continent using only muscle power and the first woman to make a solo crossing. She carried the WINGS flag on this expedition chronicled in her  latest book, Alone in AntarcticaBetween 2000 and 2003 Felicity Aston was the Senior Meteorologist at Rothera Research Station located on Adelaide Island off the Antarctic Peninsula operated by the British Antarctic Survey. In 2006 she was a team member of the all woman British expedition crossing Greenland and she has walked across Lake Baikal. She is carrying the WINGS flag on her latest expedition The Pole of Cold Expedition, a 30,000km, 3-month winter journey across northern Europe and Siberia to the coldest inhabited place in the world. See more about Felicity

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