JILL HEINERTH is one of the world’s premier underwater explorers and the first person to dive inside iceberg caves. A pioneering explorer, award-winning filmmaker and climate advocate, she has tallied more than 7,000 dives, many of them the most technically difficult in the world. She was a lead diver on a ground-breaking US Deep Caving Team project piloting the first accurate, 3D cave mapping device – technology bound for space. From volcanic lava tubes and desert oases to WWII shipwrecks, Jill is the hands and eyes for climatologists, archaeologists and engineers.

Born: 1965

Hometown: Mississauga, Canada Education: B.A. of Fine Arts in Visual Communications Design

Occupation: Underwater explorer, cave diver

Expeditions: The world’s longest submerged caves, Baffin Bay, deep dives off of Wakulla, Florida, and underwater caves in icebergs, Antarctica, and the Sahara Desert – extreme conditions are my specialty

Favorite Place: Underwater, swimming through the veins of Mother Earth

Favorite Items In The Field: My titanium spork, My 50 year-old Buck Knife, and my Suunto compass

Personal Heroes: Sylvia Earle, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall

Hobbies: Cycling, painting, hiking, paddling, sewing

Website: www.IntoThePlanet.com

Advice: Nothing is impossible.