Born: 1949

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: Honorary Ph.D. University of Chicago

Occupation: Marine archaeologist, field paleontologist, professional diver

Expeditions: Diving – Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Cuba, Honduras, Egypt, Peru, and the Philippines. Paleontology – Morocco, Peru, Western U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Canada

Favorite Places: Diving in a great shipwreck or in the sunken city of Herakleion

Best Discoveries: The best shipwreck of my life was the “San Diego,” a Spanish shipwreck; the best land site is Heracleopolis, sunken city of Hercules; discovering Tyrannosaurus Sue!

Favorite Item In The Field: My dog

Personal Hero: Gandhi

Hobbies: Books, being an amateur veterinarian Books: Hunt for the Past: My Life as an Explorer

Website: Hendrickson

Advice: Be curious and persistent.

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