Treasure Hunting with Sue Hendrickson

Sue Hendrickson’s life has gone to the dogs. 

The explorer, famed for discovering a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, lives a quiet life in Guanaja, a Bay Island of Honduras that is home to fewer than 6,000 people. 

Eighteen years ago, she started a veterinary clinic where she cares for cats, horses, pigs, parrots and more than 70 dogs. She is hoping to get most of the dogs adopted and sometimes travels to the United States with them to facilitate the process.

In 2005, Sue was honored with the WINGS WorldQuest Women of Discovery Award for her commitment to exploration. For decades she has traveled in pursuit of the world’s greatest treasurers – from prehistoric fossils to sunken shipwrecks and ancient cities.

A Day Without Women of Discovery

International Women’s Day acknowledges the achievements of women around the world.

This year, women are uniting and holding a strike to call attention to the significant contributions women make in society. In solidarity, we are recognizing five WINGS fellows whose incredible discoveries significantly advanced their respective fields of science.

Without these trailblazers, our understanding of the world and the universe surely would be hindered. They are truly Women of Discovery. To learn more about the rest of our Fellows and the incredible work they do, visit our Fellows page.